Friday, May 4, 2007


The race in Wellington became more interesting probably mere moments after I posted on it. The Free Press today reports that NDP candidate Angie Ramos has withdrawn from the race. Flor Marcelino, the publisher and editor of the Philippine Times newspaper, will apparently be the new candidate. The party has until May 8 to nominate or appoint the candidate, find 100 folks in the community to sign the nomination papers, and file them with Elections Manitoba. Despite the ongoing drama, the party will win the seat easily as predicted in my last post.


I have to commend
Blackberry Addicts for their post today on Hugh's ridiculous attempts to be taken seriously on the crime issue. See also Dan Lett's clever take on the issue of Winnipeg as crime-ridden here and here.

Tories will tell you that crime is rising even when it isn't. They'll also tell you their punitive prescription is the road to lower crime, when every study on the subject points to the opposite. Real solutions are unfortunately a lot more complex than Hugh playing tough guy.

This debate reminds me of a hilarious take on the Tory world view, dubbed the "Tory cycle of life" (from Liberal blogger
Centre of Canada):

Stage 1: Pre-Conception - Every Sperm is Sacred
Stage 2: Gestation - Abortion is Murder
Stage 3: Birth to Age 6 - Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.
Stage 4: Age 6 to Age 12 - Lay on the Lash
Stage 5 Age12 and Older - Hang’em High


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